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Welcome to Video Poker Casino, your guide to online video poker games, video poker strategy, video poker odds, how to play video poker and video poker history. This website is dedicated to all you video poker fans, whether new or experienced, looking to find out more about this great casino game. You will get the opportunity to learn and play for free so that you can become a professional player at online casinos and at land based casinos. Video poker is an amazing casino game that can make you a lot of money as long as you know how to play it properly and know the correct strategy for each video poker game variant. We at Video Poker Casino will also provide you with the latest video poker news so that you are kept up to date with all the new video poker casino games.

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Top Rated Online Casinos

    Casino Bonus US Players Software  
1. Royal Ace Casino Royal Ace Casino $1,000 Yes Real Time Gaming
2. WinPalace Casino WinPalace Casino $1,000 Yes Real Time Gaming
3. Casino Las Vegas Casino Las Vegas $400 No Playtech
4. Noble Casino Noble Casino $4,000 No Playtech
5. Casino King Casino King $300 No Playtech
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Popular Video Poker Site

Things are looking up for the popular video poker site videopoker.com, which allows users to play for free in a real casino simulation environment. The operators of the site have just announced that they have managed to reach a membership base of more than three hundred thousand members signed up to play, which is a huge figure and really reflects the growing popularity of video poker amongst casino enthusiasts.

Free play over the internet is one of the best techniques for how to play video poker out there as it gives you the chance to experience everything in a relaxed setting and with all of the time in the world to figure your strategy out, and now VideoPoker are making it even easier by launching a new Facebook app, which will again be for free. You can try out a range of games with them, such as Triple Play Draw Poker, Super Times Pay Poker, and Ultimate X Poker, and there are also real time training features so that you can learn and develop your skills as you go. You can even compete in contests every day, and then once a year you get the chance to compete in the Tournament of Champions.

“VideoPoker.com is the only gaming site that’s based on the exact same games that can be found in real casinos. Our members love the site because they can learn while they play — without putting any real money at risk,” said Mike Fields, executive vice president. “This is especially advantageous when a new game is introduced and people want a chance to practice and play before they play the same game in a casino. The fact that we now have over 300,000 active and extremely loyal members is a testament that video poker remains one of the most popular casino games.

“We felt there was a very large untapped market of social-based gamers who would appreciate a more realistic video poker gaming experience. We believe people will prefer games with an element of skill and strategy which can be applied to real world casino games,” continued Fields. “Even though the app only just recently launched, we’re thrilled to see that thousands of people have already installed the app.”

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Bingo Or Video Poker For South Carolina

The Catawba Indian Nation know that they are going to be bringing more gambling to their state soon enough; they just do not know yet whether it will be bingo or video poker for South Carolina. Herman Lischkoff, the owner of the Santee Outlet Mall – where only one shop still remains out of forty nine retail spaces – believes that if they are allowed to bring bingo to the mall it will be rejuvenated, while others think that video poker is the way.

The dilemma is this: the tribe, which is the federally recognised tribe in the state, could try out their video poker games in York County. On the other hand, they could bring back the high stakes bingo operation which they had from 1997 to 2006 by using the building, which Lischkoff has offered for them to use if they would like to. Prizes would be capped at $100,000, they say, and the only person to move out would be Ingrid’s Antiques and Collectibles, the last store left in the mall.

“We are focused on opening our location in York County and we aren’t pursuing another location in the state at this time,” tribe spokeswoman Elizabeth Harris said, giving nothing away. “If we are ready to pursue a second location, which we are allowed to do, we will contact him at that time.”

However, the mall’s owner is still confident that he will receive a call from them soon. “It would bring jobs into the location,” Lischkoff said.

“If they were still interested and the mall owner was still interested, then I would do whatever I could to make sure it happens,” Senator John Matthews said, who has been a supporter of the idea from around seven years ago when it was first discussed. “I think people have begun to look at that differently from what they used to. While there are still some people opposed to it, I think it could be overcome. Santee needs that kind of traffic coming to it. If they open up bingo in Santee, that would help the mall and it would create some jobs.”

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Video Poker for Clubs

Maine veterans from the American Legion and other organisations are trying to push for video poker for clubs, as a way to raise money to stop the clubs from failing and to allow officers to help veterans with their claims in the future. Bingo revenues have been drying up, and now the organisations in the state are facing serious financial troubles.

If they were allowed to install the video poker games in their clubs, the hope is that it would bring players back to them and away from casinos, so that they would be able to take that revenue and use it to great effect. There are clubs all across the state which are failing; the American Legion Post 10 in Livermore Falls used to have around sixty bingo players every single night, but the number of players dropped by a significant amount, forcing the club to stop holding the games back in 2011.

Now they rely on fundraising dinners every month which bring in around $200, just enough to pay off the heating bills and the growing insurance costs of keeping the club open. A new law that has been signed by Republican Governor Paul LePage could help them and other clubs like them – with two per cent of the net revenue which is generated by Maine casinos being put aside into a fund which would then provide assistance to the groups. In the past they have asked for video poker machines to be installed in the clubs before, but the proposal was then met with resistance and was vetoed by LePage; perhaps this new turn of events could forecast a shift in attitude for the governor, and may allow them to go ahead after all.

If the machines are allowed to be installed, then the direct revenue benefits could have a huge impact on the way that the clubs are run. Not only could they keep running, but some may even be able to expand and offer new services, so long as the machines are a success. The veterans have their fingers crossed.

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Jacks or Better Optimal Strategy

If you are looking to play video poker – and if you are on our site, then you probably are – then you most likely already know that strategy really is everything in this game. We thought that we would bring you a look at the full pay Jacks or Better optimal strategy so that you can get a good head start in this popular version of the rules, which is often recommended as it is the most simple version to learn.

We recommend that you follow a pay table which will allow you to optimise your wins too, so that you are not just getting the best video poker strategy but also the best payouts – the following chart will assure you of a return of 99.54% if you follow the optimal strategy, so gives you the best chance of winning big when you play:

  • Hand Royal Flush – Payoff 800
  • Straight flush – 50
  • Four of a kind – 25
  • Full House –  9
  • Flush – 6
  • Straight                – 4
  • Three of a Kind – 3
  • Two Pair – 2
  • Jacks or Better – 1

In order to use the strategy which we are about to outline, what you have to do is to look up our chart of all of the reasonable ways to play a hand and then choose the option which is highest up on the list. If you do not see your play on the list, do not play it!

  1. Dealt royal flush
  2. Dealt straight flush
  3. Dealt four of a kind
  4. 4 to a royal flush
  5. Dealt full house
  6. Dealt flush
  7. 3 of a kind
  8. Dealt straight
  9. 4 to a straight flush
  10. Two pair
  11. High pair
  12. 3 to a royal flush
  13. 4 to a flush
  14. Unsuited 10JQK
  15. Low pair
  16. 4 to an outside straight with 0-2 high cards
  17. 3 to a straight flush
  18. Suited QJ
  19. 4 to an inside straight
  20. Suited KQ or KJ
  21. Suited AK, AQ, or AJ
  22. 4 to an inside straight
  23. 3 to a straight flush
  24. Unsuited JQK
  25. Unsuited JQ
  26. Suited 10J
  27. 2 unsuited high cards king highest
  28. Suited TQ
  29. 2 unsuited high cards ace highest
  30. J only
  31. Suited TK
  32. Q only
  33. K only
  34. A only
  35. 3 to a straight flush
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Video Poker Rebate Disappointment

Players at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey have spoken out about their video poker rebate disappointment after the casino seemed to go back on rebate offers of up to $100,000 during the month of July. The original deal was that qualifying players would get their losses refunded in the form of slot play for free starting in August, but some players have been excluded without any warning.

After the deal was announced on the 20th of June, many players turned to video poker strategy to suggest that the $25 video poker machines in the high limit area, with a 9-6 Double Double Bonus, would be the best action. This has a 9-1 payout on a full house and a 6-1 on a flush, with players needing to wager $125 per hand in order to get the maximum payout.

Revel unfortunately pulled their $25 video poker machines from the casino floor immediately before the July loss rebate promotion began, and so players were relegated to the $5 machines instead – where you need to wager $25 per hand for the full payout. Some players chose video poker machines with lower payouts instead, but suddenly they started getting backed off and told that they did not qualify for the promotion due to being advantage players. They were not told so right away, but instead after they have been allowed to lose thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars – which would have been covered under the rebate. They were then suspended from the Revel player’s club during the promotional period, though they were not banned from playing at the casino entirely. This is something that the excluded players are using to argue against their exclusion, as it is known that players who are caught cheating are blacklisted and banned from all Atlantic City venues – so if they were not cheating, why have they been banned?

There is legal precedent for casinos not being able to back off advantage players in Atlantic City, as seen in Uston vs Resorts International – so we may well see some repercussions, though Revel have not as yet made any statement as to what happened and why.

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Palace Station Video Poker Bar

As part of the general renovations which have been carried out at the venue, a new Palace Station video poker bar was just been opened to add a new offering for players at the Sahara Avenue casino and hotel, in Las Vegas. The new area is to be called The Casino Bar, and is located just a short distance from the table games on the casino floor.

Features of the bar include ten fifty five inch flat screen televisions, all of which will be turned to sports channels, as well as thirty video poker machines on the bar which take $1 or 25 cents. There are also more than sixty new slot machines and video poker terminals flanking the bar to add more options. According to players who have already been down to try out the machines, the video poker odds are very good, making this a great venue for Las Vegas residents to try out in order for one of the best chances of winning big in the city.

“The Casino Bar is a great spot for those looking to play while enjoying their favorite cocktails,” said Lori Nelson, a Station Casinos spokeswoman. This is just a small part of the ongoing Palace Station renovations, which have also included refurbishing the eighteen thousand square foot convention space with new carpeting and wall coverings. The Casino Bar will take the place of what used to be the Louie Anderson Theater.

Future plans also include a decision to replace the current The Broiler Steakhouse with The Charcoal Room, a brand which has been popular at the Santa Fe Station and which they therefore also hope will see some success here in Vegas. It is clear that even the smaller venues have to keep replacing and upgrading what they have to offer on a regular schedule in Sin City just to keep their customers coming, and the management here are determined to make sure that they do not fall behind the crowd with a series of great plans to continue improving their services as much as possible.

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Top Five Video Poker Games

Recently William Hill Casino took a little interest in the thoughts of their players, and to see what they would come up with they took a poll of their opinions on casino games in general. While there were plenty of interesting results across the board, we will cut to the chase and get straight to the video poker results that we know you want to see.

They use Playtech software over at William Hill, so bearing this in mind you might see slightly different results at casinos which use other suites, depending on factors such as which ones are available and how well all of the features are integrated, but these are the games which William Hill players voted as being the best of the best when it comes to video poker:

1. Jacks or Better

Nothing beats a classic! This is a great game which often serves as the introduction to video poker for most games, and so it is quite natural that it is still popular with players even once they have moved on to the more complicated versions of the rules. The Playtech software includes a half or double up feature.

2. Aces & Faces

Any set of face cards or aces wins big in this variation of video poker, and in many ways this represents the same sort of mentality which most gamblers share: go big with the best hand possible, or go home!

3. Mega Jacks

This game has been described as fast and furious, and indeed that may be a large part of its charm. There is a mega video poker jackpot here too which is available for both high and low rollers, unlike many games where you have to bet big to win big, which is certainly a great reason to get involved and start to play.

4. Joker Poker

Jokers are the wild cards here which could bring in some real jackpots for you, so this is an exciting game where you never quite know what to expect.

5. Deuces Wild

There are four lines available for this game with Playtech, which inverts the rankings and means that the 2s have all of the power as wild cards.

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First Cross-Platform Video Poker Tournament

IGT’s Double Down Casino has managed to launch the world’s first cross-platform video poker tournament, with the Game King Video Poker Championship Tournament going on at the Casino Del Sol and attracting the largest group of mobile and social players ever.

This is the time when players will really need to draw on their very best video poker strategy skills in order to get  anywhere, as the competition is certainly fierce! There are three ways that you can get involved in the tournament: either you play on your mobile phone, you connect through your desktop computer, or you go down to the Casino Del Sol itself in order to play directly at the tables. More than two hundred and fifty Double Down Casino players have qualified fort eh tournament, with no cost to participate; the entrants can still get involved up to today, after which five winners will be chosen to win a prize and entry to the finals at the Casino Del Sol on the 24th and 25th of August.

“More than 1.5 million people have played Game King Video Poker at DoubleDown Casino since its launch in April, making it our fastest growing table game,” said John Clelland, Vice President of Global Marketing at IGT Interactive Group. “The Game King Championship Tournament spans several platforms which will result in the largest group of poker players ever competing against each other.”

“The Game King Video Poker Championship done in partnership with Casino Del Sol is a perfect example of how the convergence of mobile and social gaming impacts the casino gaming industry,” said Robert Melendres, Executive Vice President of IGT Interactive Group. “IGT has partnered with over 40 casinos who are integrating IGT’s DoubleDown Casino into their plans to reach audiences online and grow through mobile and social platforms.”

“We are excited about our partnership with IGT and our position as a key player in the largest mobile and social poker tournament ever,” said Brian Hoeffner, Vice President of Gaming for Casino Del Sol Resort. “The integration of DoubleDown Casino has enabled us to be on the forefront of the casino gaming industry.”

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New BetOnSoft Video Poker Suite

BetOnSoft, the well known HTML5 games developer, have just launched a full suite of eleven new video poker games, giving players the chance to try out a lot of variety on their mobile gaming platform. This brings their current total of mobile games to thirty – so video poker fans can certainly rejoice, as it means that these new games account for a third of their overall offering!

The new BetOnSoft video poker suite will make them one of the largest providers of the product in the mobile gaming market, which makes them a force to be reckoned with in anyone’s terms – especially when considered alongside their portfolio of web and download games, which cover more than one hundred and twenty titles. There have been recent launches there too, with a new table game in the form of punto banco and a new video slot in the form of Cash Flow.

Morgan Wills is the lead developer for BetOnSoft, who explained while discussing the new launch that these new games showcase the company’s “commitment to deliver the best gaming experience on a wide range of mobile devices”, with the platform “quickly reaching the forefront of what is technically possible.” There have also been some enhancements made to the Mobile Web Client 1.3 product, which makes it available for use on a wider range of smart phone or tablet devices, as well as giving the Lobby Menu a new look which is sure to impress. The focus for this update was the look and feel, as well as the usability, of the platform.

“There has also been a lot of work done under the hood to improve performance and increase the number of supported devices,” Willis added when discussing the new games. This is sure to be a must try for all video poker fans who are looking to go mobile, as the firm has impressed in other areas and has shown an ability to improve in many ways over the course of their time as web based casino game software developers prior to launching into mobile.

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Mississippi State Government Invests in New Casinos

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has approved three new casinos and this project marks a total investment value of $500 million.

Dan McDaniel, the lawyer representing these casinos, has stated that this project totals $500 million and will create jobs in Biloxi and Vicksburg. McDaniel has also stated that the government is not so happy with this decision and the three new casinos still have some legal issues to resolve.

Approval is also needed by the actual city of Vicksburg itself and the commission needs to state that it is okay to proceed. These are the factors that these casinos still need to work through before their development plans are implemented, so there is still a way to go yet.

The argument on behalf of the casino investors is that it will provide many jobs; a number has been released totalling almost seven thousand people, during both the construction phase and the eventual opening. The investors are very eager for this project to get underway and there is already $150 million that is ready to be put towards one of the three casinos. Another one of these casinos is said to employ two thousand people as well on top of the other figures and it has $235 million ready to be invested in its behalf. Furthermore, the third casino has $41 million to its name and should employ five hundred people, making it much smaller than the other two but nonetheless still very much a valid investment. If they do go ahead, they will provide a fantastic place for new video poker games, so that gamblers in the local area can try these games for what might be the first time and get acquainted with the strategy that makes them up.

The people of Mississippi want this project to already get under way and are hoping it will be up and running by next January. So long as no further delays crop up and everything goes ahead as planned, we should be able to see these new casinos growing out of the ground soon enough, which will certainly provide a boost to the local area and economy.

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